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silvia c.
Author: Chiara (zephyrocity, zephyrian)
Pairing(s)/Main Character(s): Morgan/Reid, references to Reid/Lila, Morgan/others, etc. Featuring Hotch, Garcia, J.J., Gideon, Elle.
Rating: R
Length: 1,300 words and counting! Expectations: 20k at the most.
Spoilers: Through season two, to be safe. Set between The Fisher King, Part II and Psychodrama.
Disclaimer: Criminal Minds is property of CBS and Jeff Davis.
Summary: […]

Derek wakes up convinced that he's falling, tumbling head over heels down a rough cliffside, when in reality he's rolling onto his side on unfamiliar sheets...Collapse )
silvia c.
01 January 2000 @ 00:00
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